Objekt April 2008

10 handmade bindings by the „Wiener Werkstätte“

On Occasion of the International Antiquarian Book Fair „Le Livre Ancien et l’Estampe au Grand Palais“ we are able to offer this unique collection.

price upon request

The „Wiener Werkstätte“ made strong efforts for a renewal of bookbinding since 1903. In the working program of 1905 Josef Hoffmann pointed out clearly that the whole book had to be seen as a work of art. The „Wiener Werkstätte“ manufactured private and luxury bindings up to the late 1920s, nearly all of them in one single copy only. Bindings like the ones we are offering here can hardly be found in the trade, and it is more than a sign of their great rarity that within the last 25 years more than eight copies of the also pretty rare periodical „Ver Sacrum“ were offered by the trade but none of these unique bindings.

These bindings, offered by us for the first time, were manufactured by the „Wiener Werkstätte“ after designs by Josef Hoffmann (6), Dagobert Peche (1), Anny Schröder (1), Hilda Jesser (1), and Stella Wessenberg (1). All of them are perfectly preserved and in their original slipcases. These slipcases were also designed by the „Wiener Werkstätte“.

The collection as shown here was in the possession of well known Viennese family of art-dealers. They must have collected these bindings between the breakdown of the „Wiener Werkstätte“ in 1932 and the takeover of the archives of the „Wiener Werkstätte“ by the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1939.

It appears to be doubtful that another collection of such unique bindings of the „Wiener Werkstätte“ in this quality and in this state ofpreservation can be offered again in the future. Full descriptions of the bindings and price of the collectioncan be obtained upon request.


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